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Where They Started

Our client, a proactive and innovative business advisory and advocacy law firm in Ohio, came to us after months of struggling to generate meaningful leads from their Google Ads campaigns. Despite a substantial cost-per-click (CPC), their campaigns were producing irrelevant and low numbers of phone calls to the relevant business service sectors. 

Our Strategic Approach

After doing an in-depth audit of their Google ads account, we narrowed our strategy down to four key initiatives:

  1. Implement the most efficient structure for the account
  2. Refocus ad spend toward search terms being used by their target audience
  3. Improve conversion rate optimization
  4. Create a disciplined process for managing the campaign for ongoing improvements


Upon analyzing their data we discovered nearly 80% of their monthly ad budget was being allocated toward unfocused search terms that had little to do with their service offerings. This allowed us the opportunity to take all the wasted ad budget and re-apply it to search terms that would produce quality inquiries from people actually needing their specific law services.

Google Ads Account Structure

We restructured their account, ensuring it was organized for optimal efficiency. This allowed us to better target their audience and ensure that their ads were reaching the right people at the right time.

Search Terms

As we dove into their Google Search Ads, we quickly recognized a major hurdle – the reliance on broad match keywords. To address this, we refocused their budget toward search terms that resonated with their target audience. We then tailored ad copy to align with their specific service offerings, ensuring those high-intent search terms were being utilized.

Our strategic blend of exact and phrase-match keywords allowed us to pinpoint specific, relevant searches that brought in more qualified leads.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Amidst a website overhaul, we worked with their developer to make sure each service-specific ad led directly to the relevant service page and the proper tracking tags were implemented. This simple adjustment created a smoother user experience, lowered costs per click, and boosted conversion rates.

Monthly Reporting

Each month, we continue to provide comprehensive reports that detail campaign performance, highlighting key metrics and insights. These reports enable us to steer the course effectively, making data-driven decisions and ensuring ongoing improvements.

The Achieved Results

Throughout the journey, we closely tracked key performance indicators like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), conversion rates, revenue, cost-per-lead (CPL), and click-through rates (CTR).

0 %
decrease in cost per lead
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increase in leads in the year after the takeover

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